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VARIABLE STARS.—Mr. J. E. Gore, M.R.I.A., of Umballa, Punjab, calls attention to a star of the sixth magnitude enteied in Harding's Atlas, between ɛ Leporis and B.A.C. 1553, and which is underlined. Mr. Gore says: “In February of this year, with a 3-inch refractor, I found Harding's 6m. star a little brighter than the 9m. star south of it, but less than several 8m. stars (Harding) following. It has a small companion f at about I′ ±. Harding's 9m. stars seem about 10m.” Reading off from the Atlas the position of the sixth magnitude for 1800 appears to have been about R.A. 73° 32′.5, N.P.D. 111° 25′, whence for 1876.0 we have R.A. 4h. 57m. 25s., N.P.D. 111° 18′. This star does not occur in Argelander's Zones, nor in the Washington Zones in the volumes of observations for 1870 and 1871.

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