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    THE Journal of the Chemical Society for January contains the following papers:- Isomeric terpenes and their derivatives (Part V.), by G. H. Beckett and C. R. A. Wright, D.Sc. The authors in this paper describe the results of their experiments upon peppermint camphor from Japan. This substance has been shown by Oppenheim to be an alcohol (menthylic alcohol) of the formula C10H19OH, which by the action of dehydrating agents yields menthene, C10H18, this latter substance when treated with bromine yielding a tetrabromide C10H18Br4, which on heating splits up into hydrobromic acid and cymene. The cymene thus obtained is identical with those previously obtained from other bodies. The authors have examined also the toluic acid from seven different cymenes, and conclude therefrom that “by the action of a large number of agents on terpenes and bodies related to them, absolutely the same cymene results, this cymene being identical with the paramethylpropyl benzene recently obtained synthetically by Fittica.” Clove oil hydrocarbons and the liquid oil from camphor sublimation have also been examined.—On the decomposition of stearic acid by distillation under pressure, by George Johnston. The oils produced contain, among other products, mixtures of seven paraffins with the corresponding olefines.—On tolyl-phenyl, a new hydrocarbon. by T. Carnelley, B.Sc. The hydrocarbon is produced by the action of sodium upon a mixture of bromobenzene and pure bromotoluene (1:4):—

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