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    STAR WITH SUSPECTED LARGE PROPER MOTION.—It would appear by a communication from Prof. Winnecke, Director of the Imperial Observatory at Strasburg, that the large proper motion exhibited by a comparison of Argelander's positions of the ninth magnitude star, No. 11237–8 of Oeltzen's catalogue (southern zones) with Taylor's observations at Madras in 1838 or 1839, to which reference was lately made in this column, does not really exist, there being evidently an error in Taylor's mean place for 1840 given at p. clxiii. of vol. v. of the Madras Observations. Prof. Winnecke finds that the differences of right ascension and declination between this star and Oeltzen 11226, are sensibly the same as at the time of Argelander's observations (1851), and the latter star is known to have but very small, if any, proper motion. Taylor's star must therefore be struck off the list of cases of great proper motion lately given.

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