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    Justus Liedig's Annalen der Chemie, Band 172, Heft 3.—This part contains the following papers:—Communications from the chemical laboratory of Greifswald.—86. On metatoluidine, by F. Lorenz. The author describes the preparation of this substance. Paratoluidine is first treated with acetic anhydride, and para-acettoluide thus obtained, which, by treatment with nitric acid, yields metanitropara-acettoluide. By heating with alcoholic potash this latter substance is converted into metanitro-paratoluidine; this last body is acted on by nitrous acid, and the diazo-compound treated with alcohol leaves metanitrotoluol, which, by reduction with tin and hydrochloric acid, gives metatoluidine. Several of the salts of this base are described, likewise the conjugate sulpho-acids, dibrominated substitution derivatives, &c.—87. Note on the quantitative determination of paratoluidine in presence of orthotoluidine, by the same author.—88. On metabromorthosulphotoluic acid, by Dr. E. Week-warth.

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