The New Hydrocarbon Gas

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    THE new hydrocarbon gas produced by Mr. Ruck's process certainly promises to realise the conception that has long floated in the minds of scientific men of turning the exhaustless store of heating power to account that lies ready to hand in water. Mr. Ruck appears literally, by the successful development of his invention, to have set the Thames on fire. At this present time, at the Battersea water-works, on the banks of the old river, near to Battersea Park, both light and heat may be seen and felt in the process of evolution from the decomposition of the water of its stream, and further light is added to the gas first produced by a very simple and uncostly extension of the process, until the illuminating power is raised to the intensity requisite for artificial lighting during the dark hours of the night. The Battersea water-works are now lit experimentally by this new form of gas, an apparatus having been erected there to test and prove the efficiency and value of the method.

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    The New Hydrocarbon Gas . Nature 7, 329–330 (1873) doi:10.1038/007329a0

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