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    THE Monthly Microscopical Journal.—The first paper is one of Mr. Parker's excellent studies, being on the osteology of the head of the sparrow-hawk. The first paragraph contains a generalisation which will surprise many ornithologists, for the Cariama is included among the raptorial birds; is this a result of the study of the skull? The accompanying drawings are excellent.—Dr. Royston-Piggott gives two articels, “On an Aerial Stage Micrometer,” and “On the Spherules which compose the Ribs of the Scales of the Red Admiral Butterfly, and the Lepissna Siccharina.”—An ingenious method of obtaining an equal illumination in both tubes of a binocular is contributed by Mr. W. R. Bridgman; and Mr. Stewart endeavours to prove that the hair follicles of the negro's scalp are curved instead of straight; he also describes clearly the framework of the sucking feet of the Echinus.—These papers are followed by abstracts of interest, including several from the American journal, the Lens.

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