Meteorology of the Future

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IT is with some satisfaction that I have read in NATURE of December 12, 1872, the very interesting paper of Mr. J. Norman Lockyer, entitled “Meteorology of the Future,” giving adhesion and the support of his name to the discovery of Mr. C Meldrum of a cycle and the support of his name to the discovery of Mr. C Meldrum, of a cycle of 11 years in the recurrence of the maximum of cyclones and rainfall in the southern hemisphere; a cycle corresponding with that already recognized in the maximum of sun-spots. But I have been somewhat surprised to see that my name has not been mentioned by Mr. Lockyer in reference to Mr. Meldrum's paper, as I hive also published a paper on the connee ion of gun-spots with rainfalls, storms, C) clones, &c, prior to the first paper of Mr. Meldram, which appeared in NATURE, October 24, 1872. Thinking that my paper has escaped your notice, and trusting that you might have some interest to see it, I take the liberty to forward it to you with this same mail. It was published in the Boston Daily Advertiser, November 2, 1871. Over a year has elapsed since its publication, and few are the days on which I had no opportunity of seeing the sun and scrutinising its spots with especial care, with the aid of telescope and spectroscope; and to-day I do not see the necessity of changing a word of the conclusions which I had come to in that paper. Only it appears that, in addition to the laws which I have drawn out, the position of the moon will have to be taken in consideration as a complicating element; as it seems that the conjunction and opposition have a tendency to increase the influence of the spots on our atmosphere, while the quadrature diminishes it in a certain measure. I could make some other remarks taken from my greater experience on the subject, but they are of secondary importance, and I will wait for another opportunity to publish them.

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TROUVELOT, L. Meteorology of the Future. Nature 7, 283 (1873) doi:10.1038/007283b0

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