Radiant Heat

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LORD ROSSE has shown* that the diathermacy of flame cannot be determined by the method described by Mr. W. Mattien Williams, in his communication to NATURE, vol. vi. p. 506. Referring to Ihe discrepancy which the reader may remember that Mr. Williams pointed out, Lord Rosse says: “The explanation of the discrepancy seems to be that the radiant heat from a flame, like that from any other body, varies as the inverse square of the distance and therefore the total effect is proportional to I/d2 + I/d'2 + I/dn2 + &c., not I/d + I/d' + I/dn + &c., where d, dn, &c., are the distances of the flames from the thermometer; in which latter case the order of lighting the jets would answer the desired object.”

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ERICSSON, J. Radiant Heat . Nature 7, 273–274 (1873) doi:10.1038/007273a0

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