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The effects of overturning Roe v. Wade in seven simple charts

Abortions will continue, but might be harder to access safely.


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  • A boreal conifer is advancing northwards into Arctic tundra, with this treeline advance facilitated by climate warming together with winter winds, deeper snow and increased soil nutrient availability.

    • Roman J. Dial
    • Colin T. Maher
    • Patrick F. Sullivan
    Article Open Access
  • A synthetic cell-cell adhesion logic using swarming E. coli with 4 bits of information is introduced, enabling the programming of interfaces that combine to form universal tessellation patterns over a large scale.

    • Honesty Kim
    • Dominic J. Skinner
    • Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse
    Article Open Access
  • Oxygen isotope compositions of dated magmatic zircon show that the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia, Earth’s best-preserved Archaean continental remnant, was built in three stages initiated by a giant meteorite impact.

    • Tim E. Johnson
    • Christopher L. Kirkland
    • Michael I. H. Hartnady
  • A time-resolved high-resolution map of human cardiac remodelling after myocardial infarction, integrating single-cell transcriptomic, chromatin accessibility and spatial transcriptomic data, provides a valuable resource for the field.

    • Christoph Kuppe
    • Ricardo O. Ramirez Flores
    • Rafael Kramann


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