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Scientists welcome ‘enormous’ US climate bill — but call for stronger action

Biden signs historic legislation to pour billions into fighting climate change as the global temperature continues to rise.


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  • The structures of single COOLAIR RNA isoforms change in abundance and shape in response to external conditions; structural mutation of these isoforms altered FLC expression and flowering time, consistent with a regulatory role of the COOLAIR structure in FLC transcription.

    • Minglei Yang
    • Pan Zhu
    • Yiliang Ding
    Article Open Access
  • Endocytosis and degradation of plasma membrane proteins in the axon initial segment, together with the diffusion-barrier mechanism, maintain a polarized distribution of plasma membrane proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans, mouse, rat and human neurons.

    • Kelsie Eichel
    • Takeshi Uenaka
    • Kang Shen
    Article Open Access
  • Multidimensional time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy is used to determine the interlayer exciton formation process, reveal a direct hallmark of the superlattice moiré modification, and reconstruct the real-space wavefunction distribution.

    • David Schmitt
    • Jan Philipp Bange
    • Stefan Mathias
black and white carbon nanotubes

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