Is the coronavirus airborne? Experts can’t agree

The World Health Organization says the evidence is not compelling, but scientists warn that gathering sufficient data could take years and cost lives.


  • Observations of the decay of 73Sr, when compared to its mirror nucleus 73Br, indicate that the spin assignment of their ground states differ, demonstrating mirror-symmetry violation.

    • D. E. M. Hoff
    • A. M. Rogers
    • S. Waniganeththi
  • All possible chemical transformations between amine and carboxylic acid groups are mapped using an automated string-based combinatorics method, showing that the properties and functions of the products vary considerably over all plausible reactions.

    • Babak Mahjour
    • Yuning Shen
    • Tim Cernak
  • Molecular and functional magnetic resonance imaging in the rat reveals distinct neuromodulatory effects of striatal dopamine that extend beyond peak release sites and activate remote neural populations necessary for performing motivated actions.

    • Nan Li
    • Alan Jasanoff
Cancer diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis

Despite marked improvements in treatment, cancer is still the cause of roughly 17% of deaths globally.
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