Passengers wearing masks on a bus in Macao, China.

China’s rolling COVID waves could hit every six months — infecting millions

The latest surge is unlikely to crash the country’s health-care system, but scientists fear hundreds of millions of infections.


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  • The chemical composition of the Galactic halo star J1010+2358 shows extremely low sodium and cobalt abundances, different from most other halo stars, indicative of a very metal-poor star being seeded with elements from a pair-instability supernova.

    • Qian-Fan Xing
    • Gang Zhao
    • Jing-Kun Zhao
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Our experimental proof of chiral phonons demonstrates a degree of freedom in condensed matter that is of fundamental importance and opens the door to exploration of emergent phenomena based on chiral bosons.

    • Hiroki Ueda
    • Mirian García-Fernández
    • Urs Staub
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Genome sequencing of nine individuals shows ancestry shifts in the Neolithization of northwestern Africa that probably mirrored a heterogeneous economic and cultural landscape in a more multifaceted process than observed in other regions.

    • Luciana G. Simões
    • Torsten Günther
    • Mattias Jakobsson
    ArticleOpen Access
Gold section of quantum computer

Quantum computing

From smartphones to supercomputers, modern computers work by manipulating digital 1s and 0s.


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