Fast-spreading COVID variant can elude immune responses

Evidence that a variant of the coronavirus identified in South Africa might compromise immunity sparks concerns about vaccine effectiveness.


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  • A reprogrammable mechanical metamaterial constructed of bistable unit cells that can be switched independently and reversibly between two stable states with distinct mechanical properties using magnetic actuation is demonstrated.

    • Tian Chen
    • Mark Pauly
    • Pedro M. Reis
  • Modelling and remote sensing show that by the end of the twenty-first century, lake heatwaves will be several degrees Celsius warmer and some will be months longer, with potentially major adverse consequences for lake ecosystems.

    • R. Iestyn Woolway
    • Eleanor Jennings
    • Stephen C. Maberly
  • A dopamine neuron that underpins transient forgetting in Drosophila is activated by the presentation of interfering stimuli immediately before memory retrieval, modulating this retrieval by stimulating a dopamine receptor in mushroom body neurons.

    • John Martin Sabandal
    • Jacob A. Berry
    • Ronald L. Davis


The role of an allergist has been likened to that of a detective, superior powers of observation, chance encounters and the rejection of evidence have all delivered medical breakthroughs.
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