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    Harry Cliff, a particle physicist, a Fellow of Modern Science at the Science Museum in London and the main curator of The Sun: Living with our Star, discusses the exhibition with Nature Astronomy.

    • Marios Karouzos
    •  & Luca Maltagliati
    Nature Astronomy 3, 112-113
  • Editorial |

    Scientific flaws in a film can distract the most avid filmgoer and lend fodder to countless blog posts. But how do filmmakers actually check their facts — and how much should we really care?

    Nature Physics 14, 101
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    Science, by its nature, is open to uncertainty and interpretation, but politicization — fuelled by motivated reasoning and advances in the technological environment — is leading to a new level of science scepticism among citizens and scientists themselves. What can be done to address these crises?

    • James N. Druckman