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Ocean sciences span the physics, chemistry, and biology of marine systems. The field encompasses ocean circulation, energy dissipation, marine biology, ecology, biogeochemical cycles, water mass formation and movement, ocean temperature and salinity, and marine carbon and carbonate chemistry.


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  • News and Views |

    A global spatial analysis based on biophysical modelling identifies that vast swathes of the ocean are suitable for marine aquaculture development.

    • Max Troell
    • , Malin Jonell
    •  & Patrik John Gustav Henriksson
  • News and Views |

    Temperature variability in the North Atlantic Ocean is the result of many competing physical processes, but the relative roles of these processes is a source of contention. Here, scientists present two perspectives on the debate.

    • Gabriel A. Vecchi
    • , Thomas L. Delworth
    •  & Ben Booth
    Nature 548, 284–285
  • Editorial |

    Natural disasters can devastate local communities. However, these rare events also often trigger new ways of thinking, and provide a treasure trove of data that must be used to reduce vulnerability.

  • News and Views |

    A weakening land–ocean temperature difference, owing to a rapidly warming Indian Ocean, has seen the Indian monsoon trending downward since the 1950s. New research gives hope for a revival in monsoon rainfall as land warming catches up with, and exceeds, ocean warming.

    • Mathew Koll Roxy