Hydrology is the study of the cycling of water through different reservoirs on Earth. It also refers to the cycling of liquids such as hydrocarbons on other planets. Hydrology focuses on the distribution of water in the subsurface, surface and atmosphere, the chemistry of that water, and the effects of climate on the water cycle.


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    Mass changes in High Mountain Asia's glaciers have been under dispute for almost a decade. An analysis of satellite data archives provides an observation-based mass budget for every single glacier in the region.

    • Daniel Farinotti
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    With climate change, urban development and economic growth, more assets and infrastructures will be exposed to flooding. Now research shows that investments in flood protection are globally beneficial, but have varied levels of benefit locally.

    • Pascal Peduzzi
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    A weakening land–ocean temperature difference, owing to a rapidly warming Indian Ocean, has seen the Indian monsoon trending downward since the 1950s. New research gives hope for a revival in monsoon rainfall as land warming catches up with, and exceeds, ocean warming.

    • Mathew Koll Roxy
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    The dramatic switch from extreme drought to severe flooding in California, and the accompanying flip from atmospheric ridge to trough in the northeastern Pacific, exemplifies the pathways to an intensified water cycle under a warming climate.

    • S.-Y. Simon Wang
    • , Jin-Ho Yoon
    • , Emily Becker
    •  & Robert Gillies