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Genome informatics is the field in which computer and statistical techniques are applied to derive biological information from genome sequences. Genome informatics includes methods to analyse DNA sequence information and to predict protein sequence and structure.

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  • Editorial |

    Investment in national infrastructure should include a scalable open informatics solution for agricultural genomics, germplasm and crop traits. This is a priority measure for economic stimulus and food security. As building this knowledge harvester should be simpler than the infrastructure required for precision medicine, it will also pave the way to that goal.

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    Single-nucleotide variation (SNPs or SNVs) in the human genome is now being used by the public and by researchers interested in the functional mechanisms of genetic perturbation for the 3D structure and function of the nucleus in various cells and tissues, and for understanding human–microbiota interactions. We have some requests for authors that may help prevent misunderstanding as familiar genetic markers acquire new users.

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    A prevalent but trivial systematic error in supplementary tables provides a reminder that genomic and other large data files are most usable when they are readable by both humans and machines. It is best practice to deposit large files in public databases and to provide accession links for peer review rather than to delay data deposition until publication.