Colipases are small proteins derived from the pancreas that act as binding partners and cofactors for pancreatic lipases, enzymes that digest dietary triglylcerides to monoglycerides and free fatty acids. Colipases aid in absorption of dietary fats and also protect dietary long-chain triglycerides from the inhibitory effect of bile salts in the gut.

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    Here the authors demonstrate a mechanism by which PNPLA3 and its risk variant I148M contribute to intracellular lipid metabolism. PNPLA3 interacts with ABHD5 to prevent the PNPLA2–ABHD5 interaction, thereby inhibiting lipolysis in brown adipocytes and promoting lipid storage. The PNPLA3 I148M variant enhances this interaction.

    • Alexander Yang
    • , Emilio P. Mottillo
    • , Ljiljana Mladenovic-Lucas
    • , Li Zhou
    •  & James G. Granneman
    Nature Metabolism 1, 560-569