Cardiac regeneration

Cardiac regeneration is the repair or replacement of heart tissue.

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    Despite substantial advances, bona fide regeneration of the damaged human heart is still an unmet ambition. By extracting our current knowledge from developmental biology, animal models of heart regeneration, and clinical observations, we propose five hallmarks of cardiac regeneration and suggest a holistic approach to reconstituting human heart function.

    • Alessandro Bertero
    •  & Charles E. Murry
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    For cell therapies to transition from promises to products, increased efforts need to be put into the identification of the factors and biological mechanisms that affect safety and efficacy, and into the design of cost-effective methods for the harvesting, expansion, manipulation and purification of the cells.

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    Early studies showing that KIT+ cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs) could differentiate into cardiomyocytes generated excitement regarding their potential therapeutic application. Subsequent studies called their functional relevance into question, and while claims for a contribution of KIT+ CPCs to myocardial regeneration continue, two new studies confirm the doubts about their relevance to cardiomyogenesis and provide unexpected new insights.

    • Giovanni Maroli
    •  & Thomas Braun