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    A vaccine platform developed from a synthetic polymeric glyco-adjuvant and reversibly conjugated to an antigen was shown to target dendritic cells leading to cellular and humoral immune response against malaria.

    • Yvette van Kooyk
    Nature Materials 18, 94-96
  • News and Views |

    Intratumoral injection of a hydrogel impregnated with radioisotope-labelled catalase and an immunostimulant, along with systemic immune checkpoint blockade, inhibits tumour growth in mouse models of localized cancer and metastatic cancer.

    • Catherine S. Spina
    •  & Charles G. Drake
  • Editorial |

    As the interaction of the immune system with the tumour microenvironment becomes increasingly understood, more evidence indicates how immunotherapy can be employed to better eliminate cancers.

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    A strategy to enhance antigen immunogenicity was developed by adsorption of polyethyleneimine on a mesoporous silica microrod vaccine for the presentation of tumour viruses and neoantigens, demonstrating their ability to drive anti-tumour immunity.

    • Cornelis J. M. Melief
    Nature Materials 17, 482-483