Atmospheric dynamics


Atmospheric dynamics encompasses all physical processes within atmospheres, including global and regional-scale circulation, convection, tropical and extratropical cyclones, and interannual variability. Information about atmospheric dynamics informs both short range weather forecasting and projections for medium to long term climate change.

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  • Editorial |

    Past and future changes in tropical cyclones and the damage they cause are fiendishly difficult to detect and project. For the Atlantic, progress is being made; other ocean basins lag behind.

  • News and Views |

    Recent years have seen increased melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, contributing to accelerated rates of sea-level rise. New research suggests that this melting occurred due to an increased frequency of atmospheric rivers, narrow filaments of moist air moving polewards.

    • William Neff
  • News and Views |

    The Laurentide Ice Sheet sapped the strength of the North American monsoon during the last ice age, but the ice sheet’s grip on the monsoon weakened as it retreated northwards.

    • Sarah E. Metcalfe
    Nature Geoscience 11, 802–803
  • News and Views |

    The coincident reduction of Arctic sea ice with increasing mid-latitude wintertime extremes has motivated much research on Arctic–mid-latitude linkages. A new study reveals that projected Antarctic sea-ice loss could also impact the Southern Hemisphere mid-latitudes through perturbations to the strength and position of the westerly winds.

    • Yannick Peings