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Tools for studying and using small RNAs: from pathways to functions to therapies

Kenneth Chang and Gregory J. Hannon

November 2011 Vol 12 No 11

Produced with support from Dharmacon, part of GE Healthcare.

Synthetic biology: applications come of age

Ahmad S. Khalil and James J. Collins

July 2011 Vol 12 No 7

Produced with support from OriGene Technologies and its wholly owned subsidiary, Blue Heron Biotechnology

Chromatin remodelling and the transcription cycle

Vikki M. Weake and Jerry L. Workman

February 2011 Vol 12 No 2

Produced with support from Abcam

Applications of zinc finger nucleases

Dana Carroll

January 2011 Vol 12 No 1

Produced with support from Sangamo Biosciences, Inc., Exzact Precision Technology and Sigma Life Science

Regulation of microRNA biogenesis, function and degradation

Jacek Krol, Inga Loedige and Witold Filipowicz

October 2010 Vol 11 No 10

Produced with support from Regulus Therapeutics

The pervasive and interleaved transcriptome

Thomas R. Gingeras

November 2009 Vol 10 No 11

Produced with support from Illumina

Sequencing technologies — the next generation

Michael L. Metzker

November 2008 Vol 9 No 11

Produced with support from Applied Biosystems

RNAi and its applications

René Ketting and Ronald Plasterk

December 2005 Vol 6 No 12

Produced with support from Sigma–Aldrich

Gene map of the extended human major histocompatibility complex

Roger Horton et al

December 2004 Vol 5 No 12

Produced with support from Abbott Molecular Diagnostics

From OMICs to systems biology

Marc Vidal and Eileen E. M. Furlong

October 2004 Vol 5 No 10

Produced with support from Affymetrix