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  • Letter |

    A new plant virus offensive strategy, in which defensive small RNAs are suppressed through peroxisomal import in Arabidopsis, is identified using peanut clump virus. This novel pathogenic strategy may also have counterparts in other plant and animal viruses.

    • M. Incarbone
    • , A. Zimmermann
    • , P. Hammann
    • , M. Erhardt
    • , F. Michel
    •  & P. Dunoyer
  • Article |

    Modelling and remote sensing predict that near-future climate change could make 41–61% of the growing area of coffee in Ethiopia unusable. However, relocation of coffee areas and forest conservation could see coffee farming areas increase fourfold.

    • Justin Moat
    • , Jenny Williams
    • , Susana Baena
    • , Timothy Wilkinson
    • , Tadesse W. Gole
    • , Zeleke K. Challa
    • , Sebsebe Demissew
    •  & Aaron P. Davis
  • Article |

    High-resolution images and tomography show unprecedented 3D structures of plasmodesmata. In cells just post-cytokinesis, plasmodesmata do not have a visible cytoplasmic sleeve but still conduct cell-to-cell movement of micro- and macromolecules.

    • William J. Nicolas
    • , Magali S. Grison
    • , Sylvain Trépout
    • , Amélia Gaston
    • , Mathieu Fouché
    • , Fabrice P. Cordelières
    • , Karl Oparka
    • , Jens Tilsner
    • , Lysiane Brocard
    •  & Emmanuelle M. Bayer
  • Corrigendum |

    • Prashant D. Sonawane
    • , Jacob Pollier
    • , Sayantan Panda
    • , Jedrzej Szymanski
    • , Hassan Massalha
    • , Meital Yona
    • , Tamar Unger
    • , Sergey Malitsky
    • , Philipp Arendt
    • , Laurens Pauwels
    • , Efrat Almekias-Siegl
    • , Ilana Rogachev
    • , Sagit Meir
    • , Pablo D. Cárdenas
    • , Athar Masri
    • , Marina Petrikov
    • , Hubert Schaller
    • , Arthur A. Schaffer
    • , Avinash Kamble
    • , Ashok P. Giri
    • , Alain Goossens
    •  & Asaph Aharoni
  • Article |

    In plants, photosystem II forms supercomplexes of core and light-harvesting complexes. Cryo-electron microscopy and single-particle analysis provides a 3D structure of the supercomplex from Arabidopsis at 5.3 Å resolution.

    • Laura S. van Bezouwen
    • , Stefano Caffarri
    • , Ravindra S. Kale
    • , Roman Kouřil
    • , Andy-Mark W. H. Thunnissen
    • , Gert T. Oostergetel
    •  & Egbert J. Boekema

News & Comment

  • News and Views |

    The nitrate signalling pathway now has a backbone. CPK calcium-dependent kinases are the long-awaited molecular link between major players in this pathway, the membrane-located nitrate transceptor NRT1.1 and the NLP transcription factors.

    • Gabriel Krouk
  • News and Views |

    Plants defend themselves from invading viruses using RNA silencing. However, plant viruses try to spoil this defensive mechanism by expressing one or more proteins that act as RNA silencing suppressors. One such protein spoils plant defence by transporting the silencing signal into the peroxisomes to avoid its systemic spread.

    • José-Antonio Daròs
  • News and Views |

    A high-quality sunflower genome provides insight into Asterid genome evolution. Moreover, integrative analyses based on quantitative genetics, expression and diversity data uncover the gene networks and candidate genes for oil metabolism and flowering time, two important agronomic traits for sunflowers.

    • Sébastien Renaut
  • Editorial |

    In the March for Science, held on 22 April in cities around the world, many placards bore Galileo's assertion that scientific truth is unaffected by political circumstance, “Eppur si muove”. But scientific research is inevitably shaped by the political climate in which it takes place.

  • News and Views |

    SHATTERING 4 is a key rice domestication gene. A non-synonymous mutation of this gene was found to be selected during Asian rice domestication as it confers non-shattering. Now, a nonsense mutation of SHATTERING 4 is shown to simultaneously result in non-shattering and small grain size during the independent domestication of African rice.

    • Haijun Liu
    •  & Jianbing Yan
  • Comment |

    Plant research produces data in a profusion of types and scales, and in ever-increasing volume. What are the challenges and opportunities presented by data management in contemporary plant science? And how can researchers make efficient and fruitful use of data management tools and strategies?

    • Sabina Leonelli
    • , Robert P. Davey
    • , Elizabeth Arnaud
    • , Geraint Parry
    •  & Ruth Bastow

Current Issue

Volume 3 Issue 6

Image: Zuofeng Zhu Cover Design: L. Heslop

Volume 3 Issue 6

African parallels

Grain size and seed shattering are important agronomic traits, both of which are controlled by the GL4 gene. Selection of a SNP in GL4 causes small seeds and loss of seed shattering during African rice domestication, and may help enhance future crop yields to meet the challenge of food demand in West Africa.

See Nature Plants 3, 17064 (2017).

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