Research papers: Journals should drive data reproducibility

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Peer-reviewed journals — as well as researchers and their funders — must take responsibility for improving the reproducibility of published results (see Nature 533, 452454; 2016).

I suggest that journals should be required to sign a global statement indicating that, to the best of their knowledge, the data that they publish are reproducible. This statement would be collaboratively formulated by the editors-in-chief in accordance with recommendations from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and guidelines proposed by the US National Institutes of Health, Nature and Science (see Nature 515, 7; 2014 and

Journals would then publish only papers that are accompanied online by full experimental protocols, raw data and source code, as in the Protocol Exchange repository ( For manuscripts containing statistical analyses, journals should peer review only those papers that use statistics environments based on source code, enforcing the ban on 'point-and-click' statistical software (see

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  1. University of Genoa, Italy.

    • Gregorio Santori

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