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    Ulcerative colitis is a debilitating and incurable condition. But researchers have found fresh angles of attack, and a host of upcoming treatments raise the prospect of a durable victory against this common form of inflammatory bowel disease.
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    Asia is shaping up to be a vaccine powerhouse. The signs are there in funding levels, and combined with Asian governments’ interest in biotechnology, and a highly skilled, highly educated workforce, pharma giants are looking east.
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    China’s former ancient capital of Xi’an stands to gain from the Belt and Road initiative, a government scheme to link the country across land and sea to Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia.
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    Meet the neuroscientists breaking the walls around their discipline.
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    Cities are the ideal setting for scientific exploration. They attract bright and diverse minds, are abuzz with creative activity, and can summon the capital to realize big ideas. Nature Index 2018 Science Cities profiles five science cities that are leaders in their regions. But each is contending with problems of equity and engagement that need to be addressed to keep them strong.
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    Colombian science faces stark problems, but some researchers are finding reasons to be hopeful.
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    Science moves forward by corroboration – when researchers verify others’ results. Science advances faster when people waste less time pursuing false leads. No research paper can ever be considered to be the final word, but there are too many that do not stand up to further study.
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    Deep local collaborations and research with local character are powerful drivers in Western Australia, one of the world’s most remote scientific communities.
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    If the goal of science is to improve people’s lives, it is to the world’s poorer nations that researchers should look.
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    Autoimmunity is an underlying cause of many diseases. This collection of Research, Reviews and News articles from several Nature journals covers the latest advances in genetic and epigenetic research into autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases.
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