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Structural materials are materials used or studied primarily for their mechanical properties, as opposed to their electronic, magnetic, chemical or optical characteristics. This can include a materials response to an applied force, whether this response is elastic or plastic, its hardness, and its strength.

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  • Editorial |

    Materials design has largely expanded to multiple compositions, which requires the mixing of an increasing number of elements. In this joint Focus issue with Nature Materials, we take a closer look at the role of computational methods for guiding exploration within such vast chemical spaces.

  • Comments & Opinion |

    Dr Valentino Cooper, a Distinguished R&D Staff Member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, talks to Nature Computational Science about his research on density functional theory and on designing high-entropy materials and piezoelectrics.

    • Fernando Chirigati
  • Research Highlights |

    An article in Science reports new insight in the formation of defects during 3D printing of metals and presents a highly accurate method to track defects as they form, opening the way for closed-loop control systems.

    • Giulia Pacchioni
  • Comments & Opinion |

    The transition to climate-friendly cities has led to a renaissance of wood as a renewable building material. To prevent severe raw material shortages in the future, the material-first utilization of wood in long-living, resource-efficient engineered wood products and constructions will be key.

    • Maximilian Pramreiter
    • , Tobias Nenning
    •  & Johannes Konnerth