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    Levitated nanoparticles can now be cooled to the motional ground state in two dimensions. This advance could enable a new generation of macroscopic quantum experiments.

    • Dalziel J. Wilson
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    X-ray photons emitted by free electrons travelling in van der Waals materials show energy shifts induced by quantum recoil, thus offering a viable route to generating tailored and tunable single X-ray photons.

    • Nahid Talebi
    Nature Photonics 17, 213-214
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    ‘Squeezing’ of light can be used to alter the distribution of quantum noise to benefit quantum sensing and other applications. An improved design for a microwave photon squeezer provides high performance over a large bandwidth.

    • Baleegh Abdo
    Nature Physics 19, 616-617
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    The emission of light from qubits in a superconducting circuit can be controlled in order to choose the direction of the photons’ propagation, which could be used to route information in quantum networks.

    • Simone Gasparinetti
    Nature Physics 19, 310-311