Quantum optics

Quantum optics is the study of how individual quanta of light, known as photons, interact with atoms and molecules. This includes studying the particle-like properties of photons. Photons have been used to test many of the counter-intuitive predictions of quantum mechanics, such as entanglement and teleportation, and are a useful resource for quantum information processing.


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    The integration of diamond waveguide arrays into an aluminium nitride photonic platform offers hope for the realization of scalable chips for quantum information processing.

    • Mehran Kianinia
    •  & Igor Aharonovich
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Jonathan P. Dowling, who died in June, was a pioneer in quantum optics and one of the founders of the US government’s research programme in quantum information.

    • James Franson
    •  & Mark M. Wilde
    Nature Photonics 14, 525-526
  • News and Views |

    Squeezed light is useful for metrology and quantum information. An optomechanical squeezed light source that works at room temperature will facilitate the technological applications of quantum light.

    • André Xuereb
    Nature Physics 16, 710-711
  • News and Views |

    Two articles in Nature Photonics demonstrate how Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen entanglement can reduce quantum noise in gravitational-wave interferometers.

    • Pierre-François Cohadon
    Nature Photonics 14, 202-204