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Quantum optics is the study of how individual quanta of light, known as photons, interact with atoms and molecules. This includes studying the particle-like properties of photons. Photons have been used to test many of the counter-intuitive predictions of quantum mechanics, such as entanglement and teleportation, and are a useful resource for quantum information processing.

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    A scheme for converting qubits between two different representations, discrete and continuous variables, paves the way for more-efficient quantum networks.

    • Hyunseok Jeong
    Nature Photonics 17, 131-132
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    Strongly laser-driven quantum correlated many-body systems lead to the generation of light with exotic quantum features — the quantumness of a many-body system is imprinted on the state of the emitted light.

    • Paraskevas Tzallas
    Nature Physics 19, 472-473
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    The resonance wavelengths of optical Möbius strip microcavities can be continuously tuned via geometric phase manipulation by changing the thickness-to-width ratio of the strip.

    • Bruno Piccirillo
    •  & Verónica Vicuña-Hernández
    Nature Photonics 17, 13-14