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Plant physiology is a sub-discipline of botany concerned with the physical, chemical and biological functioning of plants.

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    Photorespiration is known to be involved in carbon flux in plants, enabling the carbon lost during RuBisCO oxygenation to be recovered. We show that NPF8.4 is a transporter responsible for sequestering the photorespiratory carbon intermediate glycerate into vacuoles during nitrogen depletion, elucidating a novel function for photorespiration in nitrogen flux.

    Nature Plants 9, 693-694
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    Nitrate is a nutrient and a signal. Membrane protein NRT1.1 reflects this duality as both a nitrate transporter and sensor. A new perception mechanism has just been discovered: transcription factor NLP7 is also a nitrate sensor. Thus, two distinct but interacting systems perceive nitrate. Are there others?

    • Jordan Courrèges-Clercq
    •  & Gabriel Krouk
    Nature Plants 8, 1212-1213
  • Editorial |

    Any long-term solution to the projected decline in phosphate supply must involve improving phosphorus use efficiency in crop plants.

    Nature Plants 8, 979
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    Crop production depends to a very large extent on phosphorus fertilization, yet the sustainability of this practice is limited by the predicted exhaustion of phosphorus resources. A new molecular pathway regulating phosphorus accumulation in plants has been identified, with PHO1 found to play a pivotal role in mediating it.

    • Jaspreet Sandhu
    •  & Hatem Rouached
    Nature Plants 8, 986-987