Physics is the search for and application of rules that can help us understand and predict the world around us. Central to physics are ideas such as energy, mass, particles and waves. Physics attempts to both answer philosophical questions about the nature of the universe and provide solutions to technological problems.

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    What is an optimal parameter landscape and geometric layout for a quantum processor so that its qubits are sufficiently protected for idling and simultaneously responsive enough for fast entangling gates? Quantum engineers pondering the dilemma might want to take a look on tools developed for many-body localization.

    • Matti Silveri
    •  & Tuure Orell
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    Fluid simulations today are remarkably realistic. In this Comment I discuss some of the most striking results from the past 20 years of computer graphics research that made this happen.

    • Károly Zsolnai-Fehér
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    | Open Access

    While passive solar-driven evaporative systems promise higher economic and environmental sustainability in water treatment, many challenges remain for their effective adoption. Here, the author identifies three main pillars and corresponding issues which future research should focus on to bring these technologies to the next maturity level.

    • Eliodoro Chiavazzo
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    Fractional charges are one of the hallmarks of topological matter and the building blocks of various topological devices. Now, there are indications that their fingerprint in terms of electrical noise is less obvious, but more universal, than expected.

    • Stefano Roddaro