Photochemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur because of the absorption of light. The study of photochemical systems that use sunlight to drive important chemical reactions or to generate electricity is of great practical significance for the development of sustainable sources of energy.


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    The potential applications of smart photoswitchable porous materials are currently limited by incomplete switching. Now, efficient bulk switching has been achieved by embedding a photoisomerizable overcrowded alkene in a highly porous aromatic framework, creating a material capable of photomodulated gas uptake.

    • Jet-Sing M. Lee
    •  & Hiroshi Sato
    Nature Chemistry 12, 584-585
  • Editorial |

    Reporting data according to standards accepted by the community is fundamental to the progress of science. In the broad area of catalysis, best practice principles are well consolidated in some subfields, but they are still developing in others.

    Nature Catalysis 3, 471-472
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    Dye-sensitized solar cells are promising as power-generating solar windows yet their fixed transparency prevents control of indoor lighting and temperature. Researchers now present a device that dynamically self-adjusts its optical transmittance with sunlight intensity, opening up a way to energy-efficient self-powered building façades.

    • Ana Flavia Nogueira
    Nature Energy 5, 428-429