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Optics and photonics is the study of the fundamental properties of light and harnessing them in practical applications. Optics and photonics covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum from high-energy gamma rays and X-rays, through the optical regime of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light, to long-wavelength microwave and radio waves.


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    Micro-light-emitting-diode display applications are growing quickly as technology companies begin to use them in a range of products. Key to the development of these applications was the miniaturization of gallium nitride light-emitting diodes. Hongxing Jiang and Jingyu Lin recount how this was achieved.

    • Hongxing Jiang
    •  & Jingyu Lin
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    By selectively engineering the surface roughness of micro-light-emitting-diode chips, and thus the strength of the van der Waals forces that bond them to a substrate, large-area displays can be created via a fluidic-assisted transfer method.

    • Young Rag Do
    •  & Gang Yeol Yoo
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    Particles that self-assemble from nanoribbons into bow-tie-shaped structures can be tailored to change the degree of their twist. A search for how best to quantify this twist homes in on a measure of how the bow ties respond to light.

    • Bart Kahr
    Nature 615, 395-396