Nonlinear phenomena


Nonlinear phenomena are phenomena, which, in contrast to a linear system, cannot be explained by a mathematical relationship of proportionality (that is, a linear relationship between two variables). For example, the spread of an infectious disease is most often exponential, rather than linear, with time.

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    Active matter describes a group of interacting units showing collective motions by constantly consuming energy from the environment, but inertia has largely been overlooked in this context. Scholz et al. show how important it can be by characterizing the dynamics of self-propelled particles in a model system.

    • Christian Scholz
    • , Soudeh Jahanshahi
    • , Anton Ldov
    •  & Hartmut Löwen
  • Research |

    Single-cell tracking of up to 10,000 bacteria reveals the structure and dynamics of 3D biofilms—providing evidence to suggest that both local ordering and global biofilm architecture emerge from mechanical interactions.

    • Raimo Hartmann
    • , Praveen K. Singh
    • , Philip Pearce
    • , Rachel Mok
    • , Boya Song
    • , Francisco Díaz-Pascual
    • , Jörn Dunkel
    •  & Knut Drescher

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