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Market analysis seeks to understand the dynamics of markets, with the goal of informing business strategies. For example, analysis of the current and potential future markets for drugs to treat particular diseases is used by pharmaceutical companies in decisions about where to invest in drug research and development.

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    Although investment in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) has increased substantially in recent decades, the lack of a corresponding increase in the output in terms of new drugs being approved indicates that therapeutic innovation has become more challenging. Here, using a large database that contains information on R&D projects for more than 28,000 compounds investigated since 1990, Riccaboni and colleagues examine the factors underlying the decline in R&D productivity, which include an increasing concentration of R&D investments in areas in which the risk of failure is high.

    • Fabio Pammolli
    • , Laura Magazzini
    •  & Massimo Riccaboni

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