Extrastriate cortex

The extrastriate cortex is the part of the visual cortex that is located next to the striate cortex. The extrastriate cortex consists of multiple brain areas involved in processing specific features of visual information.

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    A study combines monkey behavioral testing with electrical stimulation of face patches, located with functional MRI and studied electrophysiologically, to probe the behavioral relevance of the face patches' selectivity.

    • Guy A Orban
    Nature Neuroscience 20, 635-636
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    Saccadic eye movements elicit travelling waves of neural activity in area V4 in macaques that might have a role in the reorganization of spatiotemporal visual information.

    • Darran Yates
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    Single-unit recording in primate cortical area MT shows surprising sensitivity to depth defined by dynamical perspective cues. Depth might then be computed through recurrent circuits involving signals downstream of MT.

    • Bruce G Cumming
  • News & Views |

    A study demonstrates that learning different character sets produces a repeatable arrangement of distinct cortical modules, suggesting that a preexisting cortical architecture is repurposed during learning.

    • Charles E Connor
    Nature Neuroscience 17, 1631-1632