Evolutionary theory

Evolutionary theory is the area that focuses on further development and refinement of the modern synthesis of evolution and genetics. Notable topics include the appropriate level of selection, the relative importance of natural selection and other mechanisms, and the rate of evolution at genotypic and phenotypic levels.


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    A modelling study suggests that the proposed energetic barrier between prokaryotes and eukaryotes may not be relevant to the complexity gap between the two domains. The energetic advantage of early mitochondria was probably small, and eukaryotes likely emerged without the help of an endosymbiont.

    • István Zachar
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    | Open Access

    Why do males typically compete more intensely for mating opportunities than do females and how does this relate to sex differences in gamete size? A new study provides a formal evolutionary link between gamete size dimorphism and ‘Bateman gradients’, which describe how much individuals of each sex benefit from additional matings.

    • Jonathan M. Henshaw
    • , Adam G. Jones
    •  & Lukas Schärer
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    Simultaneous evolution of vaccine-induced immune escape and virulence leads to different evolutionary end points, depending on the type of vaccine-induced protection.

    • Veronika Bernhauerová