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  • Editorial |

    Aviation contributes to global emissions, yet the sector is lagging behind in decarbonization efforts. A combination of technology alongside societal change could provide a path to emission reductions.

  • Comments & Opinion |

    A better understanding of the role of language in societies is required — for example, whether adoption of emergency terminology could impact views and practices. For both researchers and communication strategists, a thorough consideration of the interconnections between language and social contexts is crucial.

    • Anabela Carvalho
  • News & Views |

    The growing proportion of renewable energy increases the need to align consumer consumption behaviours with fluctuating energy supply. A new study pairs objective smart meter electricity data with subjective survey data to offer important insights into whether consumers are aware of their own electricity use patterns and thus whether they are prepared for an increasingly dynamic energy system.

    • Ulf J. J. Hahnel
    Nature Energy 7, 1122-1123
  • News & Views |

    Understanding how beliefs about renewable energy sources are influenced by exposure to information is important for the successful implementation of policies to combat climate change. New longitudinal research shows that messages emphasizing specific benefits of renewable energy can exert a lasting impact on partisans’ beliefs.

    • Toby Bolsen
    Nature Energy 7, 1003-1004