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Electrochemistry is a discipline that deals with chemical reactions that involve an exchange of electric charges between two substances. Both chemical changes generating electric currents and chemical reactions triggered by the passage of electricity can be considered electrochemical reactions.


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    Renewable-energy-driven electrosynthesis of chemical feedstocks is gaining attention as a green alternative to traditional processes. Now, the production of industrially relevant C–S-based compounds from CO2 and SO32−, with a simple Cu2O electrocatalyst, has been demonstrated.

    • Khoa H. Ly
    •  & Inez M. Weidinger
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    The issue of gas solubility has profound implications for studying the activity of oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts. Aqueous solutions endowed with permanent microporosity — termed microporous water — could be the answer.

    • Christopher Batchelor-McAuley
    Nature Catalysis 6, 381-382
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    The lack of long-term cyclability poses a serious challenge for lithium metal anodes. Now, a lithium anode coated with a side-chain-engineered polymer — which contains salt-philic and solvent-phobic moieties — is reported to regulate the electrode–electrolyte interphase, thereby prolonging its cycle life.

    • Min-Sik Park
    •  & Jung Ho Kim
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    A method for using ultraviolet–visible (UV–vis) spectroscopy — an affordable and widely available technique — to monitor redox activities during charge storage in electrochemical systems has been developed. Using this method, charge storage mechanisms can be determined and the electron transfer number quantified, as demonstrated for MXene electrodes in different electrolytes.

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    Incorporating single atoms into carbon-based catalysts is shown to disrupt their crystal symmetry in a way that improves their catalytic activity. The discovery here could offer a generalized approach for the rational design of electrocatalysts.

    • Gaixia Zhang
    •  & Shuhui Sun