Coarse-grained models

Coarse-grained models are computational models that mimic the behaviour of a complex system by breaking it down into simpler sub-components. The extent to which the system is broken down reflects the degree of granularity of the model in question.

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    Short-lived topological defects in active liquid crystals can exhibit long-range, long-lived orientational order.

    • Denis Bartolo
    Nature Materials 14, 1084-1085
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    Cells can sense their environment by applying and responding to mechanical forces, yet how these forces are transmitted through the cell's cytoskeleton is largely unknown. Now, a combination of experiments and computer simulations shows how forces applied to the cell cortex are synergistically shared by motor proteins and crosslinkers.

    • Andreas R. Bausch
    •  & Ulrich S. Schwarz
    Nature Materials 12, 948-949