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Chemistry publishing is the creation and dissemination of information that covers the discipline of chemistry. This topic covers, for example, editorial and publication processes (such as peer review), discussion of how information should be presented, methods of sharing data and the evolution of publishing as a business.

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  • Editorial |

    To celebrate the fourth birthday of Nature Catalysis we discuss a few highlights from the past months.

  • Editorial |

    Welcome to the first issue of Nature Synthesis; a home for new and important syntheses of molecules and materials that can make the world a better place.

  • Editorial |

    On the threshold of the New Year we think back to the past 12 months and provide a few highlights.

  • Comments & Opinion |

    Chemistry is now starting to embrace preprints, with more and more researchers in chemical and materials sciences posting their manuscripts online prior to peer review. Preprints can speed up the dissemination of scientific results and lead to more informal exchanges between researchers, hopefully accelerating the pace of research as a whole.

    • François-Xavier Coudert
    Nature Chemistry 12, 499-502
  • Editorial |

    The severity of the COVID-19 emergency has forced society to adopt drastic containment measures. In this Editorial we discuss some of their implications for the publishing sector and for our journal.