Astrophysical magnetic fields

Magnetic fields are produced by electrical currents that are generated by various astrophysical objects. The study of magnetic fields seeks to understand their origin, as well as the acceleration of charged particles in such fields, and includes numerical simulations and observational studies of magnetism in astrophysical environments.

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    Observations have mapped the distribution of gas velocities in a circumstellar disk wind for the first time. The high spatial resolution required for these observations is achieved by measuring the maser emission of water molecules. These findings validate theoretical predictions from the 1980s and can be replicated by modern numerical models.

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    The Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S), which will focus on solar eruptions and their origins, is scheduled for launch in late 2022, explain Chief Scientist Weiqun Gan and assistants Li Feng and Yang Su.

    • W. Q. Gan
    • , L. Feng
    •  & Y. Su
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    A simulated hybrid emission model to mimic the morphology of the jet launching region of M87 reproduces the observed shape of the innermost jet and favours a high spin of the central black hole.

    • Bidisha Bandyopadhyay
    Nature Astronomy 6, 14-15
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    Radio images from the Low Frequency Array have revealed complex, filamentary radio emission around a radio galaxy undergoing multiple episodes of radio outbursts, showcasing the importance of magnetic fields for the survival of radio filaments far from the radio core.

    • Ruta Kale
    Nature Astronomy 5, 1210-1211