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Antiviral agents are drugs that inhibit the spread of virus, for example by preventing replication of the genome, blocking entry to host cells, or inhibiting viral protein synthesis or viral assembly.

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  • Research Highlights |

    This study presents the results of a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) challenge trial with EDP-938, a nonfusion replication inhibitor of RSV, showing effective lowering of viral load and symptoms, without apparent safety concerns.

    • Andrea Du Toit
  • Editorial |

    Within a few weeks of the novel coronavirus genome sequence being published, numerous therapies and vaccines have entered clinical trials with a few showing great promise in alleviating symptoms and accelerating recovery.

  • News & Views |

    An amphipathic peptide has been engineered and is capable of penetrating the blood–brain barrier as well as possessing a potent antiviral activity against Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses.

    • Jing Zou
    •  & Pei-Yong Shi
    Nature Materials 17, 955-956