Your live window into research to guide decision making

One centralised, holistic solution to use emerging research topics to steer strategic direction.

Key benefits

Complete, trustworthy, and real-time summaries for informed research strategy decisions

Use the latest AI summarisation technology to turn data into actionable insights.

Monitor the latest research trends and summarise articles

Unlock serendipitous discovery

Identify collaboration opportunities

How it works

Comprehensive AI-generated summaries of any research topic, institution, group or individual

Stay constantly up to date with your chosen research topic

Browse the latest news and developments with Nature Navigator providing engaging and interactive content that’s continuously updated. Featuring highly visual graphics and illustrations, Nature Navigator invites you to quickly understand a new field of interest and begin a journey of serendipitous discovery. You can choose from different machine-generated summaries to monitor key research activities.

Comparative effort chart sample comparing China's shares and the United States shares over different subjects.

AI to quickly create research summaries

You don’t need to be an expert to create your own topic pages. Nature Navigator is a Software-as-a-Service solution that enables you to quickly collate comprehensive data on the research topics and trends that are relevant to you. Non-experts can use its simple wizard to automate machine-generated summaries, powered by the latest advances in AI.

Find your next research topic in our library

Use Nature Navigator to find inspiration from existing topics. Nature Navigator includes an ever-growing library of research topics created by our team and users, which you can copy and edit to create a topic that meets your needs.

The problems Nature Navigator solves

Overcome information overload with research topic summaries

Make your research decisions with a simple overview of hundreds of articles. Track the development of a research field with real-time updates so you stay one step ahead.

Influencing strategic direction

Existing solutions focus on searching for individual articles, reducing research topics to an afterthought. Nature Navigator places research topics at its core, combining the latest AI and our expertise to give you a simple way to discover research trends and stay up to date.

  • Web pages focused on a coherent research topic
  • AI-generated article and data summaries
  • Inspiration for new research directions and collaborations
One reliable source of quality data

Research data can drip in from colleagues, peers, newsfeeds, and multiple tools. With so much noise, how do you know what to trust? How can you process all that information and identify what is useful and relevant, and what can be ignored? Nature Navigator offers:

  • A single solution to view all data sources
  • A trusted name, with over 150 years’ experience
  • Trustworthy insights to guide your strategic direction

Latest insights

Researchers want a ‘nutrition label’ for academic-paper facts

An ‘at a glance’ approach to publication details, such as journal acceptance rates and the number of peer reviewers, would promote transparency, scientists say.

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

News | 17 April 2024

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