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The impact of artificial intelligence research

Your comprehensive guide to the global AI research landscape

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What is your strategy for AI research? How can you identify all future collaborators and funders?

From 2018 to 2022, AI research published globally increased by 57%, rising from 512,136 to 803,647 publications. In 2023, AI research has moved into the mainstream consumer applications at an unprecedented pace – it’s more important than ever to understand how your peers are using AI, and how AI can help you to get ahead.

The comprehensive report gives you an in-depth analysis of global AI research, enabling you to map your strengths and weaknesses, inform strategic decision making, and maximize the impact of your research.

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Landscape global research, understand your position, and drive impact

This report’s three sections include:

Landscape the global impact of research
  • The top 5 cities in the world
  • The top 10 research institutes
  • The top 10 funding organisations
  • The top 20 research institutes receiving funding by grant amount
  • The top 3 SDG
Identify your position in the global research landscape – customise the report by choosing your organisation and 5 peers to benchmark
  • Your organisation’s profile in research
  • Comparisons of your research performance against your selected peers
  • The top journals where researchers are publishing and the impact of their work
  • Breakdown of research by research fields – allowing you to identify gaps
  • Your top researchers
Develop research and collaboration strategies to drive research impact
  • Collaboration profiling (domestic, international and non-collaboration) and the associated impact
  • The top 10 domestic and international collaborators

Flexible options to suit your needs, from off-the-shelf to fully customised collaborations

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