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Studies in Gothic and horror

October 2017 | Collection exploring the Gothic and horror as expressed through literature, film, television, new media and electronic gaming. 

The role of women in management and the workplace

March 2017 | Collection providing multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives on the role for women in management, the workplace and organizations in general.

Perspectives on soft power

February 2017 | Collection exploring all aspects of soft power, from approaches to framing foreign-policy agendas, to the strategies that countries use to persuade and elicit positive attraction in order to obtain preferred outcomes.

The future of research assessment

December 2016 | Collection exploring recent developments and debates in the UK and internationally on strategies for measuring and assessing the qualities and impacts of academic research.

Analysing security subcomplexes in a changing Middle East

November 2016 | Collection considering the influence of non-Arab state and non-state actors, including other stakeholders, in the Middle East.

On balance: lifestyle, mental health and wellbeing

October 2016 | Collection exploring the various ways in which the concept of ‘balance’ has emerged and been used as a rhetorical construct to articulate a range of broader social and cultural anxieties about well-being and modern living.

Scientific advice to governments

July 2016 | Collection exploring the theory, practice and politics of scientific advice from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including science and technology studies, science policy studies, political science, sociology and philosophy.

Shakespeare: explorations over time and across disciplines

June 2016 | Collection to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

X-ray scatter imageMultidisciplinary perspectives on gender studies

May 2016 | Collection providing multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives on how the study of sex, gender and sexuality offers the chance to explore and explain social and cultural transformations.

Global governance

January 2016 | Collection exploring the concept and practice of global governance, including the values, rules and norms, procedures, policies, and organisations that underpin it.

Radical theologies

October 2015 | Collection on radical theology, a field that encompasses the intersections of various strands of thinking - from constructive theology, secular theology, death-of-God theologies, political theologies, continental thought and contemporary cultural studies - with the ultimate aim of redefining the very terms of theology as a concept and practice.


July 2015 | Rolling collection dedicated to the concept of interdisciplinarity and the potential impact and outcomes of integrating diverse specialisations as part of collaborative research efforts.