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Nature Structural & Molecular Biology is a monthly journal focusing on the functional and mechanistic understanding of how molecular components in a biological process work together. All editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time professional editors.

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Journal abbreviation

The correct abbreviation for abstracting and indexing purposes is Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.


Our international standard serial number (ISSN) is 1545-9993. Our electronic international standard serial number (EISSN) is 1545-9985.

Journal and article metrics

For articles published from 2010 to the present, article metrics such as citations and online attention are available from each article page, and provide an overview of the attention received by a paper.

The 2018 journal metrics for Nature Structural & Molecular Biology are as follows:

  • 2-year Impact Factor: 12.109
  • 5-year Impact Factor: 12.650
  • Immediacy Index: 3.309
  • Eigenfactor® Score: 0.069440
  • Article Influence Score: 7.445
  • 2-year Median: 9

For a further description of these metrics and a summary of the metrics for all Nature journals (including metrics on peer review turnaround times), visit our journal metrics page. More information underlying our approach to journal metrics may be found here.