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Aims & Scope

Nature Reviews Methods Primers covers analytical, applied, statistical, theoretical and computational methods used in the life and physical sciences. 

Nature Reviews Methods Primers is aimed at a broad, interdisciplinary audience of researchers at all career stages, providing them with the information to evaluate and apply methods to conduct their research, with a strong focus on enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration and providing guidance, from experts, on reproducibility and open science. For more information about the journal, please see Chief Editor Dominique Morneau's explainer video here.

Our broad scope and accessible format ensures that the work published reaches the widest possible audience. 

Nature Reviews Methods Primers is part of the Nature Reviews portfolio of journals. To learn more about Nature Reviews, check out this animation and the Nature Reviews page. You can also find a summary of the editorial input and checks here.

Publishing model 

Articles published in Nature Reviews can only be published using the subscription publication route; we do not offer an immediate gold open access (OA) publication option.  

Nature Reviews only publishes non-primary articles  (such as Reviews, News & Views and Comment articles). In contrast to primary articles (that is, research articles), non-primary articles do not include original (previously unpublished) research findings and may only contain minimal re-analyses of published data.

Six months after the date of online publication, authors of articles published in the Nature Reviews journals can self-archive the accepted manuscript on their own personal website and/or in their funder or institutional repositories. By agreeing to write for a Nature Reviews journal, authors agree to accept our standard licensing terms including our self-archiving policies. Those standard licensing terms supersede any other terms that the author or any third party may assert apply to any version of the manuscript.

Online Publication

Nature Reviews Methods Primers is an exclusively online publication. This allows us to publish Primer articles and their accompanying PrimeViews weekly.

Content Types

We publish Primers, which are introductory overviews of methods and techniques, including best practices for experimentation, analysis and applications. These overview articles will provide all the relevant information needed to evaluate, adopt and build on methods. 

Each Primer will be accompanied by a PrimeView — an illustrated summary of the article with original artwork produced by the editorial team. 

Editors and Contact Information

At Nature Reviews Methods Primers all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of full-time professional editors. For information on the editors’ scientific interests, see About the Editors

General editorial enquiries and correspondence should be addressed to the Editor, at

Enquiries about the status of a manuscript should be addressed to the Editorial Assistant, at

To enquire about institutional access, advertising or marketing please contact the appropriate department.


The correct abbreviation for abstracting and indexing purposes is Nat. Rev. Methods Primers 


The electronic international standard serial numbers (EISSN) for Nature Reviews Methods Primers is 2662-8449.