About the Editors

Chief Editor: Diana Romero, BSc, PhD ORCiD

Diana obtained her PhD in Biochemistry from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), where she studied the role of TGF-β in cancer progression in Miguel Quintanilla's group. She joined Calvin Vary's laboratory at Maine Medical Center Research Institute (US) for her first postdoctoral project, which was related to TGF-β receptor signalling and prostate cancer. In 2010 she moved to Robert Kypta's group at Imperial College London (UK) as a postdoc. While maintaining her interest in prostate cancer, her project focused on Dickkopf-3 signalling. Diana joined the Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology team in July 2015, and became Chief Editor of the journal in September 2017.

Diana is based in the London office.

Senior Editor: David Killock, BSc, ARCS, PhD ORCiD

David obtained a BSc in Biochemistry from the Imperial College London. His undergraduate studies included a 1-year sandwich placement working in a GlaxoSmithKline drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics laboratory focused on metabolite identification. Subsequently, David became a Research Assistant working within the Membrane/Cytoskeletal Signalling Group of the National Heart and Lung Institute Cardiovascular Sciences Department, Imperial College London, and went on to conduct a PhD focused on mechanisms of leukocyte trafficking, under the guidance of Dr Aleksandar Ivetic. After moving with Dr Ivetic to King's College London Cardiovascular Division in 2009, David conducted a short post-doctoral project before moving out of the laboratory and into medical publishing as a Locum Associate Editor at Nature Reviews Rheumatology. Since joining Nature Reviews, he has worked on other titles, including Nature Reviews Urology. He joined the Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology team in 2014, where he was promoted to Senior Editor in 2016.

David is based in the London office.

Senior Editor: Peter Sidaway, BSc, PhD ORCiD

After studying pharmacology at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Peter commenced his doctoral studies in retinal neuroscience at the University of East Anglia, UK. After obtaining his PhD, he moved to the University of Birmingham, UK, where he became interested in autonomic neuroscience and neuropharmacology relating to the control of pelvic organ function. Peter further pursued these research interests as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science overseas research fellow, before joining Nature Clinical Reviews as a Cross-Title Associate Editor in April 2014. He worked as an Associate Editor shared between Nature Reviews Urology and Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. From November 2017, he is a Senior Editor for Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology.

Peter is based in the Berlin office.