About the Journal

npj Digital Medicine is a new open access, international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the highest quality research relevant to all aspects of digital medicine and health.

Aims and Scope

Find out further information on the journal aims and scope here.

About the Partner

Part of the Nature Partner Journals series, npj Digital Medicine is a high-quality new Nature Research journal published by Springer Nature in partnership with the Scripps Research Translational Institute – find out more.

About Nature Partner Journals

Nature Partner Journals is a series of online-only, open access journals published in collaboration with internationally renowned partners, driving high-impact open science.

Bringing together strong editorial leadership with world-class publication systems, Nature Partner Journals transcend traditional research boundaries with innovative features such as lay summaries, allowing journals to serve as intersections for many disciplines and systems, opening up research to the wider public.

About the Editors

npj Digital Medicine is led by Joint Editors-in-Chief, Dr. Eric Topol and Dr. Steven Steinhubl. Visit the ‘about the editors’ page for further information.

Editorial Board

View the full Editorial Board of npj Digital Medicine here.